How To Choose Laminates?

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How to choose laminates

Laminate flooring provides an attractive yet durable option that needs relatively little maintenance. A translucent top layer resists scratches and protects the wood or stone lamination. When you pick the perfect floor to install in your home, you'll need to consider several important factors.


This type of flooring comes in numerous styles. They include marble, sand, bamboo and various wood species. You can also select a floor that resembles bricks or ceramic tiles. Manufacturers offer different slab lengths and widths as well. The right choice depends on your personal preferences and existing decor.


These floors come in multiple residential and commercial grades. Heavy-duty flooring products last longer, but it usually doesn't make sense to install them in low-traffic areas. For instance, a living room or hallway needs a tougher floor than a closet. High-gloss textures offer the greatest durability. 


Extra-thick laminate flooring doesn't enhance impact or scratch resistance. Nonetheless, it provides valuable benefits in two common situations. These floors can help block noise from the basement or a lower story. They're also less likely to bend if the room has an uneven subfloor.  


Your building might need a floor with an underlayment that contains a moisture barrier. This becomes necessary when you want to install it on a concrete subfloor in the cellar or the first story. Such barriers prevent the materials from expanding and deteriorating too quickly.


If you choose a laminate with a uniform texture, its entire surface will feel the same. Alternately, you may order an "embossed in register" product with a texture that closely matches the pattern of the wood or stone lamination. This looks and feels more authentic. 


Each retailer or manufacturer offers a different guarantee. Some warranties will let you "exchange" the flooring for any reason. Others cover specific problems, such as water damage, fading, premature wear or staining. The best warranty suits your specific needs. For example, it might guarantee your kitchen flooring won't stain too easily. 

To sum it up, you can choose the perfect laminate floor by ordering a product that complements your decor and has the right features to ensure long-term durability. Please contact us or browse our website to find the right flooring for your home at an affordable price.