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Masland Carpets and Rugs has been in business since 1866. What started out as a small company in Pennsylvania is now recognized as a leader in styling and a producer of new original products for the soft surface marketplace. Not much has changed over the last 150 years when it comes to quality and focus at Masland, and they take pride in providing their customers with the best services.

Masland broadloom carpets are made of Nylon and wool, so depending upon your needs and the needs of your home you can choose from either. Masland takes pride in their wool carpets for numerous reasons, read below to learn more about their wool carpets.

Benefits of Wool Carpets

  • Wool is a natural raw fiber that comes from sheep and other types of wool bearing animals. It is also one of the ultimate sustainable fibers, because sheep can produce wool every 9-12 months.

  • Wool is a durable carpet fiber because of its natural crimp and elasticity which allows it to undergo constant wear and compression. This means that wool is resistant to crushing and matting, retaining its appearance for longer.

  • Wool is naturally energy efficient. Wool traps air between its fibers making it a great insulator for colder regions. It is a breathable material and can adjust to most room conditions and regulate temperature.

  • Wool is a hypoallergenic fiber, which means it contributes to a healthier living environment. Wool carpets naturally eliminate pollutants and allergens and can trap dust and allergens that aggravate allergies.

Make sure you stop by our McLeod Carpet One showroom in Bloomfield Hills, MI to see our Masland carpets first hand and speak with a flooring professional about having them installed in your home. 

Masland carpet Masland carpet

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