Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips


Did you recently install tile in your home? Follow these tips to properly care for your floor to get the most out of your recent addition to your home.

Once your grout has dried, it is recommended that you seal the grout with a manufacturer-approved silicone sealer to prevent moisture penetration and stains from forming. Epoxy grout joints do no need to be sealed.

Vacuum, sweep, or dry mop your floor daily after a new installation. This is important to keep the floor clean while the grout fully cures. Clean any spills immediately to prevent stains in your tile and grout.

Damp-mop your tile floors weekly. Warm water should be sufficient for cleaning areas with little dirt, while dirtier areas of the floor should be cleaned with a cleaning solution. When using any cleaning solution check your flooring manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure the cleaning solution won’t damage your tile.

Ask our experts about cleaning agents for grout. A new effective method of cleaning grout without chemicals has become popular, in which a machine uses hot water under high pressure to remove dirt from grout.

Cleaning methods you SHOULDN’T use

  • Ammonia will discolor the grout
  • Abrasive cleaners like steel wool will scratch the tile
  • Vinegar, acid bath, and bleach will etch tile and grout and cause colors to fade
  • Cleaners containing color that are used on natural stone or unglazed tiles will stain the tile


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