Waterproof Flooring Options

waterproof flooring options

The flooring industry is constantly innovating to offer consumers options that adapt to their needs and lifestyles. Every house has a room that is liable to get wet or prone to moisture, which is why researching for waterproof flooring options is very common among homeowners.  Whether you are researching alternatives for the kitchen, bathroom, basement, or the mud room, there are excellent choices in the market. With the help of breakthrough technology, some options will look like hardwood and stone, giving you the opportunity to achieve the look you want without compromising the integrity of the floor. Take a deeper look into the most popular waterproof flooring options:


Homeowners love them because they offer a world of possibilities. It can be purchased as tiles, rolls, or planks and the colors and designs available are almost never ending. It’s easy to maintain, and almost impervious to staining. It’s very easy to install and is quite comfortable to walk on. Solid roll vinyl is extremely waterproof, tiles and planks can be too when installing with one of the available sealants. It’s one of the best choices.


If you’re environmentally conscious, this may be the right choice for you. Linoleum is made entirely with natural materials, specifically linseed oil and powdered stone, along with other ingredients to create designs and colors. It can even be recycled. It’s very durable, and with care can last for as long as 40 years. It’s affordable and can be found in as many different types as vinyl. It’s also one of the most efficient of waterproof flooring choices.


Ceramic and porcelain tile are impervious to water and moisture, as are many varieties of stone tile. With tile, the crevices between the pieces must be filled with a waterproof grout to prevent leakage. Tile comes in many beautiful varieties, is extremely durable, easy to clean, and is often chosen for bathrooms and kitchens.

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