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Cork Floors

cork floors in Bloomfield HillsIf you are looking for an all-natural flooring that is sustainable and easy to watch, look no further than cork floors. This type of flooring provides you with an affordable solution for the renovation or new installation project in your home. Cork floors are not a new phenomenon, having made their debut more than 50 years ago, but have experienced a rebirth as of late because of their retro styling.



If you are in the process of installing flooring in your home, consider the cork flooring pros and cons before you contact one of the expert installers at McLeod's Carpet One. We have the trained flooring specialists that can help you determine the benefits of installing cork and whether it is an option you should consider having installed.




Cork as a Flooring Material

Cork is derived from tree bark. It may also be retrieved from cork bottle stops, like those common to wine bottles. The reclaimed cork is baked into sheets that can be cut into planks for flooring. Trees typically used to create the flooring can be found in Africa and the southern part of Europe, mainly Portugal. The country of Portugal is responsible for more than half of the world’s cork supply, as promoted by the Portuguese Cork Association.



The Pros of Cork 

The biggest advantage, of the cork flooring pros and cons, is that this type of flooring is a sustainable material. The bark that is harvested to create cork regenerates itself quickly, providing an endless supply of this material for use as the new flooring in your home. This gives cork an excellent reputation as a green building material. Regulations in place regarding the harvesting of cork ensure that this material can regenerate and replenish itself to continue to provide a steady supply of raw material.



The Cons of Cork 

There are few downsides associated with the use of cork as a flooring material. The biggest area of concern with cork is the material’s durability. Cork can become brittle over time if not resealed with a polyurethane seal. It is also susceptible to scratches and must constantly be cleaned to retain its luster and reduce the possibility of dirt and grime build-up over time.


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