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Types of Carpet

What Are the Types of Carpet?

Warm and enveloping, a lush carpet is one of our favorite comforts of home. Carpeting remains one of the world’s favorite flooring mediums, and it continues to offer up endless color, style, and pattern options for all types of interior spaces. Offering an instant and dramatic transformation, carpeting is a great way to compliment your residential or commercial space, regardless of your lifestyle or budget. At McLeod Carpet One Floor & Home in Bloomfield Hills, we carry all of the latest carpeting products, and we’re always eager to share our extensive flooring knowledge.


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Types of Carpet

Carpeting can accommodate many different needs- whether your top priority is resisting stains or keeping your seasonal allergies at bay. Today’s carpeting includes choices for every need imaginable, with options made to give utmost comfort, while holding its own amidst heavy foot traffic. Becoming fluent in common carpet language is a great first step in determining the product you choose is your perfect match.


“Pile” or your carpet’s fibers play a vital role in each rug’s overall performance, since pile affects density, as well as your carpet’s appearance and texture. With a nylon or polyester pile, for example, a carpet will be extremely durable, yet soft. For a rougher texture that’s a great insulator and allergy-protector, choose a natural wool pile.


Here’s a general guide to the different pile types:


Frieze or “shag” carpets are currently on trend, with their deep, twisted pile. Shag carpet is very soft and works great in casual spaces.


Level loop carpets are dense with very short pile, for a rug that’s extremely durable and works great in all types of settings that get heavy foot traffic.


Patterned carpets have pile that’s intricately looped to form various pattern. This carpet is a great addition to rooms that are more formal in nature.


Textured carpets are casual and durable, with a rougher feel. This carpet has a casual look and is popular in dens and family rooms.


Plush carpets are lush and very formal, with a luxurious and velvety feel. This carpet is best reserved for extremely formal settings that aren’t heavily traveled.



Carpet Fibers

You can also choose from a variety of carpet fibers. Check out the video below to learn more about the different carpet fibers.




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