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White Oak

White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Mullican: White Oak Provincial

About White Oak Hardwood

White oak hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring choices on the market today. Initially used for woodwork, furniture, and boats, white oak quickly became a product that rose in interest, particularly in the flooring industry. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, white oak grows in many parts of the United States.

White Oak Hardwood Grain

White oak hardwood is medium to coarse-grained and distinct, meaning that it has lines that are naturally close to one another. These lines are also straight, running vertically with the direction in which the tree grows. Medium to coarse-grained woods are usually rougher to the touch than fine-grained hardwoods, and white oak does not stray from the norm in this instance. As a hardwood with a closed grain, white oak has small pores that make for a flat finish.

What does White Oak Flooring Look Like?

The natural color of white oak is a mix of colors ranging from brown to tans. The color variation of white oak ranges from dark brown to beige, with some woods having a combination of both. Often confused with red oak, white oak is darker in color than red oak. White oak hardwoods can be stained any color, and depending on the tone, the lines and variations of the white oak hardwood can be bold or basic. Over time, white oak hardwood floors tend to change into a more golden color which is crucial to keep in mind when you’re choosing the stain and finish for the first time.

Do White Oak Floors Scratch Easily?

White oak hardwood floors are naturally resistant to dents and scratches, due to the hardness of white oak. As a dense wood, white oak is resilient and sturdy, making it ideal for traffic homes, and lifestyles that need floors that can face daily wear and tear.

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